Automotive Services

Increase Advertising Return

is experienced and successful at handling response to automotive advertising. Our 24/7 live operator and online contact services have been utilized in over 700 franchise and independent dealerships over the last 10 years. We work directly with dealerships, advertising agencies, mail houses, and onsite sale companies to create the most effective process to handle response to the dealer's advertising to create more automobile sales.

DealerApps Automotive Services:
  • Infomercial, TV commercial, radio, newspaper, car magazine response handling
  • Direct Mail response handling
  • Credit hotline/application taking
  • Afterhours call handling
  • Appointment Setting
  • Overflow sales call handling
  • Prize Center Hotlines
  • Online Application and inquiry forms
  • Custom programs

All services include our easy to use secure online reporting suite and lead management system. All responses can be viewed real time from anywhere you can login online

Low Overhead

We help dealerships maintain low overhead while getting the most return out of their advertising budgets. Our affordable services allow dealership employees to work more effectively by focusing their efforts on selling the prospect in front of them while we are securing their next prospect. DealerApps services make sure that every response is handled professionally 24/7 at a fraction of the cost it would take a dealer to employee enough people to duplicate our high level of service on their own.

Capture Every Opportunity

DealerApps online contact forms are a very easy and cost effective. These services allow prospects respond online ahead of the sale and work with onsite sales, newspaper, insert, and saturation mailers in addition to all other forms of advertising media. We supply simple, easy to use forms to capture as much information about the prospect as needed. Using our forms instead of the dealer's web site also removes the risk that the prospect becomes a shopper once on the dealer's site, browses the dealer's inventory, and never fills out a form because they didn't see a car they liked online.

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